Palisadian-Post Real Estate Q&A with Fran Flannagan

WIn the rarefied luxury estate market, lèw agents have earned the respect and renown that Ionetime Palisadian Fran Flanagan has attained. With more than 30 years of experience and thousands of transactions under her belt, the Coldwell Banker agent has a genuine passion for real estate. In this interview, Flanagan speaks about how she got her start in the business. what inspired her to make a comeback after retirement and why she calls Pacific Palisades the best-kept secret in L.A.
Jacqueline Primo: How did you get started in real estate?
Fran Flanagan: I had just moved to Pacific Palisades from New York. I was in my 20s, a young mom with two young daughters. I signed up at SMC and took my license course, passed the exam, and was on my way. I went out and looked at the property every Sunday and Tuesday and leamed as much as I could about the Pacific Palisades "marz ket. " I sat at open houses for my broker and met buyers and sold the houses. I actually met some buyers who had a house to sell and so I became a listing agent.
Primo: You retired and then more luxurious houses in the Pali" unretired." What inspired the sades? I was in! comeback?
Flanagan: Early on in my career. I met Jon Doulas who was starting a new company on the Westside, and he asked me to open his office in the Palisades. I worked at Jon Douglas Company for 21 years, during which time I opened and managed office in the Palisades Village, Palisades Highlands, Malibu Montecito, and Marina Del Rey I later became a regional manager responsible for 6 offices from Beverly Hills to Malibu and Finally managed the flagship office in Brentwood In 1999 my husband's tech company went public. We retired and turned our attention to other pursuits. We bought our house on Amalfi Drive in the Riviera. I became involved in charity, traveled, and took care of the aging family. Then in 2011. I sensed that the recession was ending. I had sat on the Architectural Review Committee of the Riviera Homeowners Association and had seen the plans for fabulous 10,000-plus square-foot properties that were about to appear on the scene, and I was enthralled. Bigger newer. more luxurious houses in the Palisades? I was in!
Primo: What sets you apart from other real estate agents in the area?
Flanagan: I have 30 plus years of brokerage experience.In-depth personal international expertise, plus a deep-seated two-generation life in the Palisades. Our first house was on Frontera in Huntington. Our second house was in Rustic Canyon and we have lived on Amalfi for 15 years. Our children and grandchildren have gone to the local schools both private and public. I have always been in love with Pacific Palisades. It's the best-kept secret in Los Angeles
Primo: Why do people more to the Palisades?
Flanagan: Aside from the natural, the quality of life here is what makes it so desirable. The public schools are top-rated; the churches and temples are dynamic and well attended, plus there are fabulous parks, a polo field, and a world-famous golf course. And no one wants to miss the Sunday Farmer's Market It's so much fun and there are sports, sports and more sports for the kids. It truly is a place for families and for living a life. I also think Caruso Village's development is going to be a major plus for our town!
Primo: Can you tell us who some of the year celebrity clients have been?
Flanagan: Over the years I have represented many A-list celebrities, but one of the reasons I do is because of my complete commitment to confidentiality. I am as star-struck as anyone, but at the end of the day, people are people, as my dad used to say. They all put their pants on one leg at a time. So yes, they're all famous, they're all fabulous, but they just want an agent who is honest, experienced, and who cares about them and their family. And who knows the Palisades from the inside.

  1. The way the sun sets into the ocean.
  2. The trees(especially the blooming ones). The jacaranda takes my breath away and the roses here are amazing.
  3. Everybody is out in the street exercising every day, and you meet your neighbors and talk to them and become friends.
  4. The houses are all different.
  5. There is an acceptance among Palasidians of each other. If you live here, you must be okay. In fact, you must be really okay.

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