3 Reasons Families Love Living in Pacific Palisades


Explore why Pacific Palisades is the perfect place to plant roots.

Pacific Palisades is a wonderful community nestled in the City of Los Angeles, and the families who live here absolutely adore it. Here are some of the many reasons why they love to call this place home.

The Beautiful Landscape

One thing that Pacific Palisades is most known for is its stunning landscape, which offers views over both the ocean and the mountains. Families love it because, not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also provides many activities that families can do together. Whether going to the beach, swimming, or mountain hiking, there are plenty of ways to have fun and stay active as a family. There are also several parks to visit in the area, such as Palisades Park. Families love that they can enjoy both the company of one another and the natural beauty of the area.


Another thing that local families love is how much of a tight-knit community Pacific Palisades has. California has many tourist hotspots, and while they attract visitors, Pacific Palisades isn’t considered a tourist spot, so it isn’t nearly as busy. However, since it’s close to the city, you get the best of both worlds here. You have the option to go to events in L.A. with your friends and family but still enjoy a suburban lifestyle and avoid some of the drawbacks of big city living. There are also a plethora of locally-run businesses in the area that help foster this tight-knit and friendly community.


Another reason why families love Pacific Palisades is that both the elementary and high schools are highly rated, meaning your family will receive a great education at any age. Many of the schools are overflowing with community spirit—for example, Palisades High School throws a great family-oriented Fourth of July event every year. This celebration includes a concert, fireworks, and even a family run. As for post-secondary education, since Pacific Palisades is so close to L.A., there are many options not too far away if your college-bound child is looking to stay close to home.

Looking for Real Estate?

Pacific Palisades is a great place for families to live, and the families who do live here love it. If you and your family are looking for Pacific Palisades homes for sale or real estate, contact Fran Flanagan today.

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